Characterising the phenomic response of plants by means of meta-analyses
There has been a wide effort to characterise the growth, physiology and morphology of plants as dependent on their environment. Most experimental investigations treated plants with 2 or 3 levels of one or two environmental factors. Although this research is very useful, it does not allow for an easy generalisation of responses of plants to their environment. For such an approach, it would be more fruitful to obtain full dose-response curves of plants.
Dose-response curves have been constructed for, e.g., the yield of plants in relation to nutrient supply (Mitscherlich). However, for most plant traits and most environmental factors, information is too scarce to enable construction of such curves. It is, nonetheless, possible to construct dose-response curves from a larger amount of fragmentary data ( Poorter et al. 2010).
A huge amount of data are available in the scientific literature of the last 60 years. However, this information is not accessible in a structured way. We aim to build a database based on former experiments and use this database to construct response curves for a wide range of plant parameters.
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