Research topics

1. Meta-Phenomics
The response of plants to their environment can best be described by dose-response curves. Unfortunately, for most plant traits these curves are not known, notwithstanding a wide range of publications. The first target of my work is to reconstruct these dose-response curves for a number of growth-related traits in response to 12 environmental factors. For more information see

2. Specific leaf area (SLA)
SLA (or alternatively LMA) is one of the important traits underlying variation in growth rate between species, and strongly affected by various environmental factors such as light and temperature. A second topic of interest are the factors underlying variation in SLA as well as the genetic regulation of SLA in Arabidopsis between genotypes and at different light intensities.

3. Growth of plants
A 3rd point of interest is the variation in growth rate, either when comparing ecologically different functional groups of species, or when looking at environmentally induced variation in RGR.

4. Chemical composition and construction costs
The last focus of attention is on the consequences of variation in chemical composition of plants.